Vacuum cleaner




Device for changing coins CWTech — Change

Standard features:

— Device for exchanging banknotes for tokens/coins;

— Change of small banknotes into coins/tokens;

— Management and control of finances per Internet.

Additional features:

— Issuing payment cards;

— Topping up a payment card;

— Issuing payment vouchers for further use at other car washes.

Cash register
CWTech — Cash R

Standard features:

— Issuing payment vouchers according to the cash register;

— Z report, X repo;

— Management based on the main computer of the car wash.

Prepaid cards CWTech — Card

Prepaid cards at the car wash. Card issuance and topping up with the change machines of CTTech-Change.

Carpet holder CWTech 
Mat Holder

— Carpet holder with a support grid;

— Clamps for two carpets;

— All elements of stainless steel.

Pyramid for carpet cleanin CWTech —
Mat Clean

— Pyramid for carpet cleaning;

— Garbage can;

— All elements of stainless steel.