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The CW Tech Company uses only high-quality car chemicals for the contactless technologies of car washes. In our assortment, you will find everything to offer high-quality services.

The Washing Powder
CWTech CarWash S200

25 Kilo

Cleaning a car body - the cleaning powder "CW Tech Car Wash S200". It was developed by one of the best experts in his field, adapted to the CWTech devices. It has the highest cleaning properties and washing efficiency.

The drying booster
CWTech NANO Polisher

Canister – 10 liters
Solution – 1:10

Flash and protection of a car body will be provided by the wax "CW Tech NANO HotWax". These chemical for cars turns out to be a great polish agent which protects car body against adverse influence of weather.

The polishing wax
CWTech NANO HotWax M

The drying booster "CW Tech NANO polisher". It effectively creates water surface tension and gives a car surface luster.

Salt tablets

Salt tablets for regeneration of the water softener.

The CWTech car chemicals stand out with high the quality and efficiency in all weather conditions.