Investment in a self-service car wash

Those who have invested in a contactless self-service car wash on the wave of growth know very well the advantages and disadvantages of such an investment. 
Those who are currently considering buying a touchless car wash and entering this business are in a different market environment, so the factors are 
who influence their business decisions, others. What has to be considered, what determines the profitability of the company?
Business as usual
positional = it seems to be the most important - especially from the point of view of the choice of size and type of solution (which technology, how many washing stations, which container or module washing plant, 
costs of adapting the location, etc.); it is very important to choose a safe solution from the investor's point of view (do not over-invest... because a carwash only makes money when it works, not when it is empty..; 
if the customers don't wash their cars, the car wash is just a cost factor for its owner...)
Economy of the washing process = powder? or liquid? or hybrid? Which of the above methods is most profitable for the owner? How does the choice of technology affect the washing process itself, i.e. how much time does the customer need to wash the car? How much time does the customer need to wash the vehicle effectively, i.e. with the system in operation? How does this affect the customer's washing costs? All these considerations should be carried out before we decide on the choice of technology, as they affect the popularity of the system in later operation.
Business management and security = Current IT and automation technologies offer the opportunity to significantly simplify and automate business management and ensure its security. However, with this type of solutions offered on the market, attention should be paid to details, such as the flexibility of the solutions, especially in terms of software, does the supplier have the possibility to make changes and adjustments?
Convenience for the customer = easy access to the stand, legibility of traffic organization signs, space provided for vehicle maintenance, additional amenities - all these factors influence the perception of the facility as customer-friendly.
Washing quality = the customer only comes back if he is satisfied with the previous visit...
Aesthetics and order = no comments 🙂
Price for washing = it must be cheap and good for the customer! Which is not easy to guarantee under the current conditions of business activity in Germany, while maintaining the profitability of the company expected by the investor. Prices for energy, water and waste water, costs for environmental research, waste disposal, possible penalties for exceeding environmental standards, costs for warranty and post-warranty service, costs for washing chemicals, personnel costs, exceptional situations - e.g. theft, burglary, destruction of the object - yes, it is not so easy...
What if it is necessary to introduce changes in car wash technology as a result of changes in legislation in Germany? Or the need to move the facility to another location? 
What costs are incurred by the owner of a car wash facility in such situations? What answer will the solution provider - the manufacturer of self-service carwashes you are talking to about buying - give you?
All of the above aspects should be considered BEFORE choosing a self-service car wash manufacturer, because investing in a contactless self-service car wash is a long-term investment, 
therefore the support of the self-service car wash manufacturer must be provided not only during the investment process but - BEFORE anything else - throughout the life of the self-service car wash.