Self-service car wash

The business “contactless self-service car wash” proves to be an optimal investment instrument. Self-service car washes start to be more and more common and popular and one of the key advantages is the low cleaning cost for a customer as well as economy of time and better quality control by the washing person.

Therefore, it can be said that customers of self-service car washes are owners of all car models. Simplicity and easiness of use do not require any professionalism. Customers are drivers of each age and sex.

There is no need to employ staff in a self-service car wash, which lowers cots and removes questions related to the quality of cleaning.

What is a self-service car wash?

Economy of time

The main reason for the popularity of self-service car washes is the speed of cleaning and lack of long queues.


The next advantage is the quality of touchless car washes. A customer can see effects of his work quickly enough and positive experience encourages to use the service more often.

Low price

The price is in the third place, which is lower than for other types of car washes.